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Our priority is to create new solutions and turn them into financial results, risk management and spread your business to an even greater proportion and globally. Each member of Strategy and Consulting is a professional with decades of experience in agribusiness, who brings different strengths and specialties to the company. We work together as a team to ensure your project has the skill sets needed to succeed.





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Feather cotton

Understand more what can affect your business if you don’t have planning and know the future and financial market. Agribusiness in Brazil has been spreading every year as the world’s breadbasket in food, textile fibers and other commodities. With so much distortion in information, price volatility and an unstable scenario for the local and global economy, we analyze and understand your business to seek innovative solutions, opportunities and a consolidated, safe, winning and prosperous direction. We introduce the management and conduct of business through a deep knowledge and relationship with the main and biggest players in global markets.

Unique Commodities is very concerned with the safety, sanctity and prestige of its businesses, which are based on seriousness, impartiality and ethics. Therefore, we became members of the ICA – International Cotton Association. This entity with more than 170 years, located in Liverpool – England, initiated the international regulation of the cotton purchase and sale business. Today, most of the world’s cotton is still traded internationally under the ICA Statutes and Rules. The rules have changed over time, but their goal remains the same – to create a safe trading environment. Now, ICA has more than 550 members and its members span all corners of the world and represent all sectors of the supply chain. All legitimate Tradings from Brazil and the world are members of ICA. We are proud to be members of the largest and safest entity globally.

The International Cotton Association

That cotton is lightweight and durable everyone knows. But do you know the origin and the path that your clothes take to reach your hands?
To start with, Brazilian fiber is grown responsibly (75% of production is socio-environmentally certified), creates jobs, drives the economy, contributes to conscious fashion and much more.
Our country is world champion in productivity when it comes to cotton without irrigation: more than 90% of our plantations depend only on rainwater to develop and they teach a real lesson on conscious origin and innovation.

ACSA is an advocate of responsiveness, efficiency and supply chain security. ACSA members are contractually committed to being responsible for supply chain risks and to carrying out global delivery logistics. Our membership activities create a forum for members of the intermodal supply chain to collaborate with leaders in the global cotton trade to increase the efficiency of their relationships.


We work with different products, and grains move us around the world. We carry out sales and sales solutions in large proportion. People are the number one resource of every organization, so planning the future of a company means taking into account the needs and expectations of the people who make up the company. To gain an understanding of the people in your company, we would like you to be involved in a number of strategies for learning about your company’s culture, and as we plan for the future, we also focus on the present. Each member of ‘Strategy and Consulting’ is a professional with decades of experience in agribusiness, who brings together distinct strengths and specialties to
the company.

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We offer customized and differentiated services. With our expertise, we believe in even greater productivity if managed properly. Controlling, diversifying and having discipline are the essential directions for managing the inherent risks of the business. We work with different financial and management fronts to translate into better results with weighted and diluted risks. We work together as a team to ensure your project has the skill sets needed to succeed. We will take care of your business as if it were ours.

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