Did you know that companies like Vale, Petrobras and Usiminas want to borrow your money? This happens through debentures, which are debt securities issued by companies to finance their operations – in the style of government bonds, which were explained in the last episode of the podcast “What do I do?”

In search of more reasonable interest rates, companies go to the market to issue debt and any individual can be one of those creditors. However, it is necessary to take a good look at the company numbers, the loan payment period and even the macroeconomic scenario.

“Leading companies, which have information audited and disclosed in a transparent manner, are able to access this market and at a lower cost”, says Guilherme D’Aurea, private credit fund manager at Santander Asset Management and guest of this episode of the podcast .

It is good for the investor to know, however, that investing in debentures is not guaranteed by the Credit Guarantee Fund. In other words, with higher returns, the risk will also be higher.

To understand more about this form of investment, check out the new episode of the podcast “What do I do?”, Led by Fernando Nakagawa, director of CNN Brasil Business, and Luciana Barreto, CNN anchor. Click on the link below and listen to all the guidance.


Source: CNN Brasil.